Monday, March 31, 2008

Blake's Snoopy Dance

Blake looks just like Snoopy when he does his "happy dance". He sticks his grinning face high up in the air and shuffles his feet with his arms spread wide. If I can ever have my camera ready at the right time, I'll post a picture of him.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Best Friends

As I was putting Blake to bed last night, he said I was his best friend. :-)

Spring Visitors of the four legged variety

It's spring and the moose are coming down from the mountains to search for tiny shrubs and leaves left over from the fall. It's not like there is ANY new growth on those plants, but those moose are hungry. Here is a visitor we had behind our house a couple of days ago.

Cedric is an Eagle Eye Reader!

Cedric was one of a few of his schoolmates awarded the Eagle Eye Reader award.  He can read 44 of the 45 site words and only 18 are required for his Kindergarten class.  Now Cedric goes around saying how he has Eagle Eyes and can read ANYTHING!  He's also looking forward to 1st grade where "you can read all by yourself".  We are very proud of our Eagle Eye Reader!  In addition, Cedric is showcasing his new sports glasses.  His other glasses have been relegated to special occasions only after many adventures straightening them out, searching for and repairing lenses that keep popping out..etc etc.  LOL   Plus his new sports glasses won't hurt his face when it meets with a soccer ball or when sliding into home base.  :-) 

Friday, March 28, 2008

Blake's Observations of the show Oobi

Usually, we don't watch Oobi, but we were tired of watching the same Einsteins and Go Diego Go episodes and it was we left it there. Blake was watching and seemed to be enjoying it when all of a sudden, he shouts, "HEY, fingers don't have eyes!" "And fingers don't talk!". LOL

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Cedric Turns 6!!!

From snow and ice sculptures and dogs pulling sleds while wearing tiny booties to the tropical paradise of H2Oassis, Cedric's birthday celebrations continued. We basked in the humid tropical air. Our skin like sponges, appeared to re-inflate becoming pink and supple. Here are a couple of pictures of the inside. The tube along the upper portions of the picture is the Master Blaster, Cedric's favorite part of this water park. Below the Master Blaster is the Pirate Ship with lots of cool slides, water cannons, and other pirate ship amenities produce a boy's play paradise. Blake spent most of his time in the helm yelling "Aaaaarrrgh" to anyone who dared come near. Cedric was on a speed water slide marathon. How many slides could he do in a minute, 5 minutes, 20 minutes, etc. In this picture, you can see the wave pool in the distance. The water goes from a shallow "beach" to 5 feet deep. Periodically, waves are generated creating an ocean feel. Blake loved jumping the waves. But wait.....where is Cedric? Ah Ha! There he the lazy river, which circles the whole water park. Patrick is enjoying the steady "shower" of a sprinkler. Cedric and Jim eagerly wait in line for a raft so they can climb up nearly 3 stories worth of stairs while carrying their raft (ok...Jim carried the raft) , just to ride down the fabulous...the magnificant....the amazingly fun...MASTER BLASTER! Waaaaa hoooooo! The Master Blaster empties into the lazy river. Ahhhhh!

Pizza never tastes as good as after wild, active, water time! I think Cedric ate 5 pieces of pizza. Silly boys....Patrick and Brennen inhaled their food and were ready to get back to the action below. Ross gives Cedric the finer points of present opening....and a little friendly assistance too. :-) Cake....yummy cake. many candles can you get in a cupcake? We got 6, but I bet we could have put more on there. The happy birthday song. This is the best part. :-)

Happy Birthday Cedric!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

It's Iditerod Time....Go doggies Go!!

It's Iditerod time once again.  Here is a shot of a sled dog racer and his dogsled dogs.  We took this shot from the roof of the downtown shopping mall.   
Here is video of a sled team in action!
Temperatures were much colder than last week, 15 degrees colder to be exact, and there was a brisk north wind around 15mph.  Brrrrr!  We just bundled up and hoped for the best.  Everyone say, "Icicle"!  Grandma and Grandpa were in town from California for Cedric's 6th birthday.  It's just a little colder here.  Just a little.  But with the right amount and style of clothes, anyone can enjoy the outdoors.  
The view was great, but we (read kids) couldn't take the cold, so we headed down to street level to watch the dogs.  
Here is video of sled dogs raring to go.... Here is the family.  Everyone (read kids) is happier now.  The wind isn't blowing as much and when we stayed in the sun, it actually felt...well...warm.  We knew the kids were comfortable because they kept asking to ride the carnival rides.  They just didn't understand why we said no.  LOL  
After watching the doggies run, we checked out the ice sculptures at the town square.  Here Jim is chilling out in an ice chair.  
Not to be outdone....Blake takes a cool break.  ;-)
I don't even know what this sculpture was, but Cedric and Blake fit in it perfectly.  
Now this is the pun intended...ok maybe just a little pun.  Anyway, this is an ice slide.  Isn't it beautiful?  
Whhhhhheeeeeeee!  Blake needed me to go on the slide with him.  Let's just say he didn't have to "twist my arm".  An ice slide?  I'm so there!
Happy Cedric after his slippery slide on the ice.  
We paid one more visit to the snow sculptures to show my Dad and Step Mom.  Dad was all over this one since he's really into space stuff AND camping.  :-)