Saturday, October 27, 2007

Catch up post on Cedric

I'm going to play a little catch up here. These pictures are from the day before Cedric and his Pre-K classmates started Kindergarten. They all got their faces painted and rode rides until they were completely exhausted. At first Cedric was concerned because we didn't bring Blake. I told him this was a day for just Cedric and his friends. All the way up, Cedric was saying how he was going to miss having his brother at the fair. Of course, once we got there, Blake was forgotten and it was fun fun fun. Cedric with Spiderman face!
Two of Cedric's friends and their fun faces.
Here are some pictures from Cedric's first day of school. He was so excited to go that he marked off the days on a calendar for 60 days before Kindergarten started and he's still counting how many wonderfull days he's had in school. Cedric loves homework and even when he doesn't have homework, he practices his upper and lower case letters, numbers 1-100, and his spanish. I just hope his enthusiasim continues.
Here is Cedric playing basketball. This was Cedric's very first "game" a few weeks ago. It was just hysterical. Today he made a basket during the game and was oh so proud! I didn't get that on film, just in my minds eye. ;-)
Here is a picture from Cedric's first basketball practise. Looks pretty tough, huh?
Hmmm....not so tough in this one, but still dang cute. :-)

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Vacation part 1.d...Fabulous Seattle

Seattle. Ahhhh Seattle. The weather was Seattle perfect....warm and humid. Our first night in Seattle we had dinner at this quaint little Italian place within walking distance of our friends' house. Seattle is just that kind of perfect walk everywhere you need to go kind of town. We had so much fun with our friend's, The Lanes (Dave, Lisa, Max, and Ollie). Dave and Lisa are Blake's Godparents and this was their first time meeting each other. Max and Ollie are about the same age as Cedric and Blake and since they are all boys, this trip was about ACTION! We went to the Aquarium.... I didn't get a picture of the moonfish exhibit because I couldn't get it to come out on the camera, but it was spectacular. There was this circular tank where the moonfish swam in circles. There were black lights that made the moonfish glow and you could walk under the arch of the tank. You just have to see it. Riding a Killer Whale in the Puget Sound... Blake as a moonfish... Cedric as an octopus...This was cool too. The octopus had a tube and could swim between two tanks. I tried valiently to capture the octopus....but ah well...another memory picture. ;-) Cedric and Blake checking out starfish and other fun tidal pool creatures... We played with our friends (Max and Ollie) at the wading pool.... Max and Ollie taught us how to launch foot rockets. Way cool and easy enough for anyone ages 2 to 100 to do. Fun fun fun. Watch out! Ollie playing with his hand held rocket launcher...nerf, of course. LOL Plus it only had a range of 2 feet. We also went to a Mariner's game. Here is the stunning view from the Mariners baseball stadium. You can just barely see the Space Needle in the distance. It was much more clear in person.
Cedric, Max, and Ollie are ready for action at the game!
Group photo with the Lanes and the Nelsons