Sunday, May 17, 2009

Easter pictures

Arctic Gymnastics held an indoor easter egg hunt, had arts and crafts and even had the Easter Bunny available for pictures.  They used foam blocks used to cushion falls from the uneven bars to "hide" the candy filled easter eggs.  The boys had a blast.  Not only is there no grass here in April, but snow and ice usually cover the ground.  To have an indoor option for easter egg hunts and activities is just great!   In the next two pictures, Cedric and Blake wear their bunny hats they made and wiggle their noses like a bunny.  Blake was just cracking up trying to get his nose to wiggle.  :-)

Saturday, May 16, 2009

March Ice Bowling

It may be sunny now, but back in March it was still cold and icy.  During Fur Ronde, the Peanut Farm set up ice bowling "lanes" on the frozen stream next to the restaurant.  The weather was as good as it gets in March, so we decided to try it out.  The holes of the bowling balls were packed with snow and ice, so it was tricky to get a grip on the ball, so the boys stuck to just rolling the ball.  Even Jim "palmed" the ball and let it roll off his fingertips.  As for me, I did my best putting the tips of my fingers into the frozen partially filled holes.  We all did pretty good scorewise, because there were hay bales at the end of the lane.  Your ball could bounce off the hay bales and slide back into the pins to knock more down.  I got several strikes that way.  In addition, other balls could cross into your lane.  This could be good and bad.  For me, it turned out to be great when a ball from a neighboring lane slid over the lane line and knocked down the rest of the pins that my ball missed.  STRIKE!  Well....kind of.  Here are a few pictures of our ice bowling adventure: