Sunday, January 25, 2009

More observations by Blake

We were riding in the car the other day when the radio hosts were talking about President Obama.  Blake immediately said, "They are talking about Barack Obama!"  Then he said, "Barack is cool.  He is in the Pokemon book.  He is the Rock!  He can crush fire!"  

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Blake's analysis of Obama's speach today

During the ride home today, I was playing a rebroadcast of Obama's Inauguration Speach.  When it got to the part where Obama stated emphatically "You will be defeated!"  Blake keyed in on the word "defeated" and the following conversation ensued:
Blake..."who will Obama defeat?" 
Me..."The bad guys".  
Blake..."There are bad guys?  Where?"  
Me..."All over the world.  Barack Obama and other good guys around the world are working hard to fight bad guys."  
There was a lull in the conversation as Blake processed this information.  When we were home and getting out the car, 
Blake said..."Barack Obama is cool".
Me..."Why is he cool?"
Blake..."Because he's going to defeat the bad guys.  Him and all the other good guys...".  

Monday, January 19, 2009

Commercials and the young mind

Cedric and Blake used to hate commercials.  "Fast forward please!", they would demand of me until Cedric learned how to work the remote control.  Then one day, they started watching the commercials.  They won't let me fast forward through them anymore.  The funny thing is their responses are exactly what the commercial marketers intend.  Each time there is a commercial for those space bags or that mini hamburger know the one...where you can make your own "sliders".  Oh...yea...that sounds good to me.  Not!
The boys aren't cynical yet and that is good, except when it comes to commercials.  After commercials aimed at adults, they say "Oh Mama!  You HAVE to get one of those.  We NEED that!"  After the toy commercials, Blake will say, "I wish I had all of those."  Luckily, they forget what the product is as soon as something else comes on.  I fear for when they start to ask for things long after the commercial is done.  I can't wait until our DVR is smart enough to self edit out the commercials.  I can hope can't I?  

Thursday, January 15, 2009

It's been a wild ride

The beautiful hoar frost is gone.  Rain and strong winds have cleared the delicate ice crystals and snow from the branches of the trees and turned snow covered roads into sheets of ice. some of the roads are chunky with ice, but they are still crazy slick.  Parking lots and sidewalks are worse.  You are almost better driving than walking...almost.  Good thing I have Trax to put on my shoes.  I actually considered the value of ice cleats today. was that slippery.  
Just a few days ago, we finished a 15 day streak of below zero temperatures, the seventh longest stretch in Anchorage recorded weather.  Each day at work became a contest to see who had the coldest temperature at the house...while driving around town....etc.  "I had -20"...."Oh yea? was -23 at MY house".  If it was going to be that cold, then we all wanted bragging rights.  Now we are above freezing.  In fact, we are about 40 degrees warmer than the coldest point of that cold snap.  The new competition is wind speed.  Oh wait, not really.  None of us like this kind of wind.  Luckily at the Nelson Household, we experienced 40-50 mph wind gusts.  The folks high up on hillside saw the full brunt of the storm with gusts as high as 106 mph.  
Another storm is on tap for tomorrow.  Could we hit 100+ on the hillside again?  Only time will tell.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

More snow pictures

The clouds, the snow, the hoar frost, and the sun all add up to beautiful colors.  I just can't resist sharing some more of my favorite pictures from this winter.   Enjoy!  

Cedric gets an award and loses another tooth

Cedric loves to read and it shows.  Cedric got a 2nd quarter award for reading above grade level.  Lots of his classmates got awards too, which really motivates the competitor in Cedric.  If there is anyone in front of him, he'll work hard to reach and/or pass them.  
Here Cedric is looking to see if we are in the audience before the ceremony began. 
I got an award.  I really got an award.  :-)
Hi see this?  I got an award.  I am so proud of myself.  I'm glad you and Dad were here to watch. 
Cedric had a wiggly tooth.  We tried the dental floss trick.  The tooth didn't come out at that time, but when he was in the bath....voila!  The tooth came out!  Woo hoo!  Tooth number 3!  Bring on the tooth fairy!
Can you see the space where my tooth was? Cedric and Blake mug for the camera.