Friday, August 29, 2008

Catch-up post

So much has happened in the last 5 weeks that I could do 10 posts.  To speed things up, though, I'll catch up almost everything in one.  Although, I'll put most of our Seward vacation photos in another post.  
Cedric got his cast off July 29th.   It was so hard for him to have a cast on in the summer.  He couldn't play the last few weeks of baseball, swim, ride a bike, play on the playground rings and monkey bars, etc etc.  For 2 weeks after he got the cast off, he also couldn't do any of those things.  We had bought Cedric a bike that attaches to my bike, but alas, it sat in our garage unused for most of the summer.  
Cedric started 1st grade August 26th.  Unfortunately, the photographer was just as excited as you can see by the blurry images.  LOL  Cedric loves school.  He kept telling us how much fun he had at his first day of 1st grade.  He only had two complaints.  There was no homework and the teacher read a book for the math portion.  He said, "That's not math, it's not even times (multiplication)."  I can only hope to get that on tape so we can play it for him when he's older and complaining about homework. 
Cedric eagerly gets down to work on his 1st grade assignment.  
Cedric is proudly showing off Junior Ranger Badge during a day cruise out of Seward, Alaska.  The Ranger was impressed that Cedric matched all of the animals and footprints perfectly.  I told her it's because we go to the Eagle River Nature Center and they have rubber replicas of animal prints.  
Cedric and Blake on the swings at the Alaska State Fair.  Yeeee Haaaaw!  Blake was tall enough to ride this ride.  It just didn't seem possible.  They both had a blast.  
Cedric was selected as a volunteer for the Extreme Dog Show at the Alaska State Fair.  I bought him the little dog hat to wear, which meant he was more likely to be picked.  After the show, he turned to me and said, "Mama I LOVE you!"  :-)  
Here is a picture of the Blanket Toss demonstration from the Alaska State Fair.  They solicited volunteers from the crowd to help.  Very cool.  Eskimos use the blanket toss to spot whales to hunt.   Well that's it for now.  Soon to come...Seward vacation stories and pictures.  Also, we've had lots of moose visitors recently so I'll be uploading pictures and video soon.