Sunday, September 28, 2008

Cedric's first day at Rilke Schule

Gutan tag!  Good day!
Cedric is now attending Rilke Schule an Anchorage School District German Immersion Charter School.  Cedric loved Bayshore and his teacher was really nice.  He just needed more of a challenge and we think Rilke Schule can provide it.  Still...the first morning was a little hard.  I took this picture of Cedric in his new school.  The second picture is the look I got when I asked for a smile.  LOL  By the end of the day, Cedric was all smiles and talking excitedly about what he had learned.  I took Cedric to say goodbye to his Bayshore teacher.  She was very excited that he enjoyed his new school.   Cedric told her what he learned.  He learned that "mit" in German means "my".  Mit Mama, Mit Dada, Mit brother!  :-)   Needless to say, I will be taking the German adult classes because I don't want my children speaking a language I don't know.  

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Nelson experiences caught on video!

Blake and Cedric play on a see saw at a Seward playground. Peppy and the wrist band. You fierce hunter you. Mama moose and baby moose in our backyard. The baby moose came running up to investigate us. I took this video through the window because I didn't want to scare them off. I just never get tired of moose in the backyard. I don't even mind sharing my lettuce and snap peas.