Saturday, May 24, 2008

Cedric and buds

Cedric wrote in his school journal "Love is my little brother Blake" where he needed to fill in the part after "Love is....".  Now, I would have loved to have been in there, but I'm thrilled that Cedric loves his brother.  :-)  It just melts my heart.  

Friday, May 23, 2008

Cedric's Spring Concert

I'm a little slow in posting this.  I really hoped to have the video uploaded to Youtube, but first, I would have to have the camera talk to the computer....ah well.
We took a bunch of pictures of Cedric's Spring Concert (which occurred April 23rd) and we videotaped the whole thing.  Unfortunately, all you will find in this post are pictures.  You'll have to imagine the singing.  ;-) 
This was the best Concert I've ever been too.  I laughed and I cried.  Oh boy...did I cry.  Those Kindergartners did so good.  There were songs they knew better and liked better.  You could tell because they would get more animated and sing louder.  Then there was the song where the whole group got ahead of the music, so one of the Kindergartner teachers had to turn the music way up.  The group eventually caught on and slowed down.  LOL  The last song was "We are Family" and all the kids came down and brought us on the floor to dance.  It was just the best thing ever.  
The Happy performer on his way to the stage.  
Eagerly waiting.... Still waiting... "Do you see me Mom, Dad, and Blake?"  "I'm singing!"