Thursday, June 26, 2008

New YouTube link on the sidebar

I uploaded video of the boys petting Pepe to YouTube and added a link on the sidebar.  
Direct links to the meeting Pepe videos:

Meeting Pepe

Cedric and Blake are so excited to have Pepe in their lives.  They play and pet Pepe every chance they get.  They also try to give him Kitty treats, which Pepe is not interested in at all.  Ah well...
Here are a few pictures of Cedric and Blake giving some lovin' to Pepe.  
Blake tries out the kitty bed for size.  :-)  
I've got some really fun video of Blake and Pepe, but can't post it here just yet because I finally figure out how to increase the resolution of the video.  Unfortunately, I can't figure out how to reduce the video file size using our computer programs.   Maybe I'll start up that IWeb thing.  I'll also see if they will load to YouTube....stay tuned.  Trust me...the video of Blake interacting and talking with Pepe are just too cute.  I guess you'll have to trust me since you can't see them, yet.  LOL

Thursday, June 19, 2008


Pepe (black and white kitty) will be joining our family in a few days. Pepe's current family is moving to Washington D.C. and the house they will be renting will not allow cats. We are adopting Pepe so that he will have a happy home to be loved and doted on. When I told Cedric we were adopting a cat, he hugged me because he is so happy. Both Blake and Cedric like to pretend to be kitties. They are just so excited that Pepe will be coming to our house to live. Now we just need to get all the stuff a kitty will need. Here are a couple of pictures of Pepe. Isn't he handsome?

Monday, June 16, 2008

Jumping Beans...err boys

Cedric and Blake love to jump, especially on beds.  Their kids...go figure!  LOL  So, we put Blake's bed on the floor and let them go at it in a relatively safe environment.   Well...occasionally, they run into each other or the wall, but they recover quickly.  Although, there is a dent in the wall where Cedric banged his head.  He didn't even cry about it and there is a DENT in the WALL!  Other times, he's crying a river over the slightest thing, but bouncing into a wall while bouncing on a bed is not a big deal.  It just goes to show if it's important enough to them, they'll tolerate anything.  :-)
They love to put the music on and jump...jump...jump...jump.  
Here is the video of my sweet boys jump jump jumping!  

Pirate Blake

Blake loves the Backyardigans.  One of his favorite shows is the one about Pirates.  
A Pirate says....Aarrrrgh!  
Here is the video...aaarrrgh!  

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Aunt Wendy (my sister) and Uncle Steve came to visit us and go on an adventure.  I've uploaded loads of pictures from our trip, but first, we start with a warm welcome from Blake...err what is that stuck to your face Uncle Steve...could it be part of a silly putty web?  This looks like the work of "silly Blake".  "Ha Ha Ha", says Blake!  LOL First stop...Talketna lodge.  Usually, you have a nice view of Denali and the Alaska Range.  We did get a good visual our first night, but not good enough to capture with a camera.  It's still a fabulous view of the Talketna valley.  Gorgeous!   The running of the children!  Here is Blake running down the hill at the Talketna lodge at full speed.   Cedric is running against the clock.  Can he beat his previous time?  Maybe he should try it again...and again...and again...  LOL  Tired children make good traveling children.  ;-) In the town of Talketna, we all took turns "kissing" the moose, but Uncle Steve's picture was hands down the best.  He really looks like he's getting slobbered on by a moose!  
Wendy and Steve pet the sled dogs at the EarthSong Lodge we stayed at in Healy, just 5 minutes north of the Denali National Park entrance.   We stayed in a cozy 2 bedroom cabin with a spectacular view of the Alaska range.  Peacefull, gorgeous, and rustic....well not too rustic, there was indoor plumbing.  Lots of "real" Alaska cabins do not have indoor plumbing.   Cedric and Jim at the Earthsong Lodge An Earthsong sled dog showing his softer side. Into the park we go!  Denali N.P. was established as Mt. McKinnley Park in 1917 and was only 2 million acres.  Today, Denali N.P. and preserve is 6 million acres.     We took a guided bus tour.  It was an 8 hour trip that took us 62 miles into the Denali N. P..  
Blake waits for the bus in his carseat. The Bus is HERE!!!!  Here we GO!
Our first wildlife was a not so shy porcupine in a tree. Here is a Great Horned Owl nest with 2 babies in it.  Right next to the road!  How lucky could we get? Blake missed the first quarter of the trip, but doesn't he look cute?   Cedric and I mug for the camera at one of the rest stops.   Wendy and Steve at one of the rest stops. BEAR 12 O-CLOCK!  In the road!  We are soooo lucky!   Awesome!  The bear turns and heads back towards the bus.  He's looking right AT us!   Then he heads down towards the river.  Maybe something smells good down there.  I'm sure this bear is hungry after a long winter.  Spring came way late to Alaska after our April snow and cool May.  In fact, the leaves had just started sprouting the day before our bus trip.   A Mama moose and twin babies goes running off into the bushes. Wendy got a good pic of one of the babies and the Mama. They were soooo cute. DALL SHEEP 9 O-CLOCK!  Right next to the road again!  And there are two little baby sheep about 2 weeks old.   Everytime the "babysitter" moved, the little babies would scamper after her.  They kept trying to rest, but the babysitter would keep moving.  The bus driver explained that sheep would designate one of the group to be a babysitter for all the babies each day.   Just one example of the views you see in all directions all throughout the park.  PTARMIGAN!  This bird still has some white feathers from his white winter coat.  These birds are brown in the summer and white in the winter. More bears!  We saw a Mama bear with two 2 year old cubs.  The cubs stay with their Mama for 3 years before being kicked out to make their own way in the world.  These bears were a beautiful creamy white color.   Here is another picture of the baby Great Horned owls.   We saw many other animals that we couldn't get pictures of.  We saw lots and lots of Snowshoe Hares, several Golden Eagles soaring and playing, a ground hog and lots of other birds and probably lots of other animals that I can't remember.  I should have written them all down.  
The next day, we visited the Park Headquaters to see their sled dogs and see a sled dog demonstration.   Here two sled dogs stand on their dog houses.  They are watching their "neighbor" try to get on his house.   Sled dog puppies! Steve and Cedric visit with the sled dogs. And HERE THEY COME!  Running full speed, barking and carrying on, are the Denali Park sled dogs!  Sled dogs are the best mode of transportation in Alaska despite the modern developments of snow machines and snow cats.  

Ready for 1st Grade!

The day after Cedric's last day of school, which was May 22nd, Cedric spent preparing for 1st grade and working in the workbook he got when he "graduated" from Kindergarten.  Cedric was so excited about being a 1st grader that he gathered all his colored pencils, pencil sharpener, crayons, markers, and scissors and put them in his backpack.  He kept saying how in 1st Grade he would have his OWN desk and that you don't share ANYTHING, so he would need to have all his own pencils, crayons, scissors, etc etc.  Cedric spent the better part of the day ensuring he was properly packed for 1st grade.  Then he asked, so when does 1st grade start?  I told him in August.  He said, "What?"  "Silly Mama, school starts next week."  I told him that it was summer vacation and school wouldn't start again for a few months.  "WHAT?", Cedric said.  LOL  He just can't wait for school to start.  It's a good thing.  :-)  

Cedric's....sniff sniff...last day of Kindergarten.

My sweet little boy is no longer a Kindergartner.  He is now a 1st grader and he couldn't be more proud.  Here are some pics from his last day of Kindergarten.  They had special wacky hats just for the occasion and a picnic.  
Cedric in his class chair.
Cedric and Blake.  Blake is proud of his brother too.  
Cedric's class and his teachers (Mrs Schrooten on the left and Mrs Cummins on the right).
Cedric climbing the "rock" near the picnic area.  A great time was had by all.  :)