Thursday, July 24, 2008

Cedric the Bench Coach

As you know Cedric broke his arm and has his arm in a cast. We've kept him out of the games for the most part and asked the coach if he could be the coach's assistant. The coach assigned Cedric a couple of assistant duties.  Cedric's favorite was when he was the assistant bench coach. He really loved being responsible for telling others what to do...basically bossing them around. LOL
In this picture, Cedric is the 3rd base coach.  
Ahhh...Cedric's favorite position...assistant bench coach. He was responsible for getting everyone in batting order and he was militant about it. LOL

During the last game of the season, we let Cedric get out in the field for the last inning. A ball came right to him. He was so excited to get to make a play.

The coach was awesome. He handed out baseball cards after every game. This kids loved him.

Say "HOME RUN"!!!

Cedric's T-ball trophy.  The coach also had ice cream for all the kids.  The end of another fun season of baseball.  Next pitch.  Cedric can't wait! 

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Bear Paw Festival

Cedric, Blake, and I trecked to Eagle River for the Bear Paw festival yesterday.  The weather was as good as it least this summer.  It was sunny enough and warm enough for me to wear a tank top.  We even needed sunscreen!  Which is pretty amazing considering how cool and cloudy this summer has been.  
We mainly hit the rides.  Blake rode many new rides this year that he was not adventurous enough nor big enough to try last year.  It's just amazing how quickly a child goes from not being big enough to ride even with a parent chaperon to being able to ride all by themselves.  He even rode the dragon boat ride!  I was so worried he would get scared in the middle of the ride, but he not only didn't get scared, he LIKED IT!  
This is the before picture.  Cedric and Blake and an unknown child get settled in their seat.  I would have rode the ride with Blake, but there was no room for me.  :-)
The following two pictures are mid-ride shots.  They boys were on the end and it really goes high in the air.  I still can't believe Blake liked it.  
Look at Blake's hair go!  And he's still smiling...we'll as much as you can on that ride! 
Another new "ride" that Blake did this year was the Raiders maze and slide.  Cedric showed him the "ropes".   Down the hatch! Blake...ready to take the plunge! A much calmer and traditional, but still very fun ride for the boys.   Here is a closeup of the boys before we all rode the circular ride that goes forward and backward.  I wasn't sure Blake would like it, but he not only liked it, he laughed the whole ride!  He especially liked the backward part.  Blake was so funny and cute.  I couldn't help watching him the whole ride that I was pretty dizzy by the time we got off the ride.   There was a hill near the, of course, the boys had to try it out. Rolling rolling rolling....

Moose video

We took some video of a young moose chowing down on greens in the pond behind our house.  Usually, the pond is dry this time of year, but it's been an unusually cool summer for us.  To compensate for our loss of a sunny and warm summer, mother nature brought us a moose to gaze upon.  Enjoy!  

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Cedric's new cast

Cedric is pretty pleased with his new sporty blue cast.  This one doesn't go to his elbow, is a cool color, and best of all, he can get it wet!  This cast is made of gortex.  In fact, the Dr. says to make sure to spray water down the cast to help "wash" the skin covered by the cast.  Things have come a long way since I had a cast on my arm in the 1970s.  
Cedric will wear this cast for the next 3 weeks.  

Friday, July 4, 2008

Cedric's first broken arm

Cedric broke his's a compression break and since his bones are soft, it shows up as a bubble on the x-ray.  Nonethless, he needs a cast.   Luckily, it's his right arm and he's a lefty.  He's pretty bummed because this means he can't play baseball.  There are only a few games left, but baseball is his favorite sport.  Poor guy. 
Here is a picture of Cedric shortly after he got his cast on.  He did manage to get over his sadness and run around with the other kids.  We are figuring things out, like how to get shirts on and off over the cast and how to do baths.  Although, Cedric has already declared that he'll get no baths for 3 weeks.  Um....nice try.  :-)  Actually, it's just a splint right now.  He'll get the cast in a few days.  The Dr says he will have the cast on for at least 2 weeks.   

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Videos of Cedric playing baseball

Check out the new You Tube videos I uploaded of Cedric playing baseball.  Last week, Cedric was nearly hitting the ball out of the infield.  Pretty good for a 6 year old!  Cedric just lives for baseball.  He practices every day.  
Also, here are direct links to the videos:
Video 1: Cedric fields the ball and makes the play!
Video 2: Cedric hits the ball and runs to first.