Sunday, March 29, 2009

Redoubt ashfall in Anchorage

It was bound to happen.  The wind flow aimed directly at Anchorage when Kaboom.  Redoubt erupts.  I watched the ash arrive on Radar and boy was it moving fast.  The ash arrived in about 2 hours...maybe less.  I left work at 5pm and drove into the ash as it was falling.  These pictures were taken by Jim from our back deck.  Notice the particles falling.  It looks like snow....but it's not.  In fact, Jim first thought there was blowing snow outside, but when he looked closer, noticed it was ash.  The white snow is now a dull orangey brown.   The wind was blowing really hard when the ash was falling.  There were ash whirls and clouds of ash/dust blowing all over the place.  If you look closely in this picture, you can see grooves in the snow/ice where the ash gouged out paths and then settled in the low spots.   The Anchorage airport is closed until 3pm due to ash removal.  Hopefully, they will get the runways clear by then.  

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